Application Portal | New Applicant

  1. Fill the application form with your Surname, Firstname, Middlename, Email Address (only G-mail is allowed), and Phone Number
  2. An email verification link will be sent to your G-mail, click on Verify Your Email Address to verify your email
  3. If you had earlier completed step 1 or 2, and you wish to continue your application. Click here to login and continue your application
  4. After email verification, you are to upload your passport photograph with size not more than 25KB
  5. Click Make Payment to pay the required application fee. There are two types of application:
    • HND Application (#15,000)
    • Other Applications (#15,000)
    Ensure you print your payment receipt
  6. Click Fill application form to fill the application form with your profile information, courses that you want to apply for and your accademic qualification
  7. Print the acknowledgement/examination permit slip, completed application form, and the referee form.
  8. N.B.The appropriate fees should be paid online with debit (ATM) cards.
  9. Ensure you make your payments by yourself.
  10. Do not give to a third party to pay for you.

2024/2025 Application Form

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NOTE: Use a valid Gmail address for your application

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My name is Anne Clarc.
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